by Mari Buitendag

“Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars” Victor Hugo


Last year I decided to begin a personal project and Werner agreed to help me achieve what I envisioned. Very few people know what the Dreamers project is all about.

In 2015, I lost my brother. He was one of the biggest dreamers I knew. So, to honour his memory I decided to celebrate his life with a series of fantasy or poetic imagery about dreamers.

The first completed digital art/fantasy art within this series is the Space buns set. My brother introduced me to the series Roswell (the 90s version, not the rebooted show). The nostalgia from that time inspired me to create something quirky and fun. In the 90s I spend most of my time with my siblings. In a way the first set of this project reflected my longing for my childhood and the memories with my brother.

I specifically drew inspiration for the Space buns set from the 90s. In regards to styling, I wanted the vibe to reflect that era, but also feel fresh. I imagined rave music, glitter, kitschy space backgrounds and off course necklace chokers. I modified two chokers to have planet pendants to round of the look. The final outfits also had a Coachella vibe to it, which I really liked.

Werner helped bring my ideas to life with his mad photoshop skills. With his involvement I realized that the loss of my brother was not just my own. When my brother was still alive he bonded with Werner over gaming and about the ideas of life.

We realized that this project and the new concepts will take some time to plan and complete due to its personal nature. We want to do it right as this is not just a way in which we can honour my brother’s life, but also a way for us to work through our own pain and grief.

My brother used to look up at the stars in wonderment. I hope with all my heart that when we complete this project that it would only reflect beauty and wonder.

A special thanks to Cuan Kemp for being the make-up artist/hair-stylist for the Space Buns set. You understood what we wanted to do and did a fantastic job!

Last, but not the least we want to thank Nasiphi Mbedla for being a kick-ass model and human being. Your looks are out of this world and your heart and soul is absolutely beautiful!